Hazleton Urgent Care serves patients seeking sports physicals, employment physicals and other physical exams in and around Hazleton, Pennsylvania. In addition to meeting the exam requirements, a physician may also see signs of health problems that may become serious if left untreated.

Annual physicals

Adults -- even healthy ones -- should visit a health care provider at least once a year. Such visits help ensure a healthy lifestyle while assessing risk of future medical problems, screening for potential problems and ensuring vaccinations are current.

During an annual physical, the staff at Hazleton Urgent Care will review your personal and family medical history, including your vaccination record. The doctor or physican's assistant will ask questions about your lifestyle and habits, including tobacco use, alcohol use, diet and exercise. Your vital signs will then be checked, including your heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, body temperature and general appearance (including speech, memory, mental aptitude and skin appearance). You will be given exams of the heart, lungs, head, neck, abdomen, legs and arms.

During your physical, you are encouraged to share any health problems or concerns.

If needed, the physician may recommend additional tests.

Sports physicals

Whether your teen requires a physical exam for football, baseball, basketball, gymnastics or another sport, Hazleton Urgent Care has you covered. Because of the chance of getting hurt during student athletics, schools and teams generally require players to receive medical clearance from a doctor to ensure they are healthy enough to play.

Athletic physicals include a physical exam, during which reviews your medical history, checks your vital signs and examines you. Your back, neck and spine will be checked for scoliosis and range of motion. You will be tested for balance, coordination, muscle strength, physical maturation, heart murmurs and more.

The doctor will also discuss potential sports injuries, including sprains, strains, asthma, heat stroke and allergic reactions. If your teen passes the physical, the doctor will give the OK to play without any restrictions and will sign off on all required medical forms. If there are areas of concern, the physician may recommend playing with modifications such as an inhaler, epinephrine auto injector (EpiPen) or special protective equipment.

Employment physicals

At Hazleton Urgent Care, our medical staff helps companies maintain a healthier and safer workforce by performing a variety of workplace-related employee physicals. Employees can have their physicals conducted quickly and receive on-site exams, testing and general medical treatment, as well as treatment of health care needs that arise on the job. We also offer comprehensive physicals to get you certified and back to work.

Our employment physicals include:

Fitness-for-duty examinations, which help confirm that employees can perform the required job duties unique to their positions. 

Employment physical exams and executive physicals, which help determine whether certain applicants or employees are medically and physically able to perform their roles. These exams compare the health of the individual with the expected demands of a specific job to ascertain appropriate fitness. A physician will review a patient’s medical and occupational history before proceeding with a thorough physical examination.

Regulatory and compliance examinations, which help establish a medical baseline for employees in accordance with the appropriate regulatory agencies. Department of Transportation (DoT) physicals and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are two well-known examples of regulatory examinations. 

You don't need an appointment for a physical at Hazleton Urgent Care and our center is conveniently located in downtown Hazleton.